Note Linking

I’m having a very happy nerdy day. I missed it earlier this week due to case books dominating my life, but at some point this week Evernote announced note-linking had been added for the desktop version. If you dont’ know what Evernote is, please see here.

There are only two features that I’ve hoped Evernote would add-in in updates, the first was nested bullets in the mobile version (still waiting), and the second was note-linking. What note linking allows you to do is create a hyper-link to a specific note (or even a specific section of a note). Once you’ve made the link you can point back to that note anywhere, and a simple click brings it up.

As I mentioned in the above linked-post my big use for Evernote right now is law school. One of the many methodologies I’ve been using is to heavily tag all of my class notes, and then when creating my outlines I list relevant note tags after the section. This way I don’t need to make a hugely comprehensive outline, because if while studying something needs expanding or I need a refresher I can just search the tags and see the actual notes.

Now with note-linking that becomes so much better. Instead of listing out relevant tags, I can actually just link right to a particular note for reference. I can’t believe I’m typing this, but I’m actually looking forward to tonight and tomorrow when I go through my outlines and update them with links.

I’m already thinking of the ways this is applicable to class notes as well. Linking to case brief information inside prep-notes instead of tag searching for them. Writing notes on particular doctrines of law and then linking to those notes whenever that doctrine comes up later. All sorts of fun things. The only downside is that with so few weeks left for class it won’t really make an impact this semester.

So yea, very excited about note-linking. If you haven’t picked up Evernote yet and you’re in college/graduate/law-school I can’t stress enough that you should check it out. Everyone has their own style for note-taking, but for those of us using laptops and other devices that involves a word processor, why not pick one that comes with such an amazing set of tools.


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