Dead RAM

So, one of the sticks of RAM in my Macbook died today leaving me with a useless, beeping, metal box. This happened ~40 minutes before my contracts class started, which wasn’t quite enough time to bus back to the apartment, grab the ipad, and bus back.Thankfully though, I had my phone; I just pulled up the Evernote app and recorded the class straight into my contracts notebook while writing out some notes on a legal pad (which I scanned into Evernote here at the apartment about 10 minutes ago).

After a brief (read: extremely long) trip to the Apple store the Macbook is up and running again, though temporarily at half RAM. I have to admit I was seriously freaking out, the thing is still brand new. I’m just glad that it wasn’t something major, the ipad is great for taking/reviewing notes, but it’s not quite what I want for memo-writing and organizing outlines.


About chaisesmith

B.A. Political Science - University of Kentucky Minor Philosophy - University of Kentucky
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