The Reading List

Way back in the first week of January, I was made aware of this whole 52 books in a year thing. The, not uncommon as I have discovered, challenge someone undertakes to try and read one book a week, every week for a year, or essentially 52 books in a year.

My first thought was honestly “wow, a book a week, I wish I had the focus/drive to do that.” It inspired that all too frequent twinge of guilt that usually comes with every book I do read: “Man I love reading, why don’t I do it more often.” A twinge that’s usually brushed away with “Oh, yea. ADHD”.

But this time, things were a little bit different. Like I said, I learned of this challenge during the first week of January, while I was actually in the middle of reading my first book of the year, Future Perfect. It occurred to me that I was already, by chance, on pace with the challenge (even if it was just the first book) and I had been making really awesome progress with Vyvanse. Maybe, I thought, I was actually in a position to do the 52 books thing.

I figured even if I couldn’t exactly nail down one book a week, that between semesters and during summer and winter breaks (when there would be more people around to help with Alex), I could make up slack by maybe knocking out 2 quick reads in a week here and there.

So, I decided to try it out. I finished Future Perfect, and quickly jumped on the next book and while I lost a little steam with the third (really dense, information heavy, slow read), I was able to catch up by burning through the next two.


All in all, things were going really well, I was always either on target, or just 1 book behind at any given time. Until last month. Last month, for whatever reason, I seem to have run out of steam.

Previously, whenever I’ve felt like I’m running low on motivation, I’ve just glanced over at my Goodreads profile, and let it tell me how my pace was (Goodreads has a delightful goal setting feature). Having Goodreads as a source of artificial and semi-public source for accountability had been working pretty well.

However, given the sluggish rate at which I’ve been moving through my latest two reads (both of which are incredibly enjoyable and, at least so far, look to be 5/5 stars), I need some way to kick things up a notch. The way I see it, that means adding another layer of accountability.


While my Goodreads account is more, or less, public, it’s one of those things that someone really needs to be looking for specifically to find; they’re not really likely to just stumble across it. This website, on the other hand, is (as of this writing) the top hit when Googling my name.

Seeing as I’m paying to maintain a domain name, I might as well use it for something other than (really) infrequent and non sequitur blog posts. That’s why I’m now adding the [Reading List] page.


The [Reading List] page will be a, hopefully, frequently updated list of the books I’ve completed, am working on, and have on deck for the year. It will exist as a, very, public record of my progress toward my 52 books goal.

Hopefully, even if (as is most likely) nobody is actually visiting the site or ever looking at that page, knowing that it exists as a constant reminder that’s only a Google away, can help with any future motivation deficits.


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