Progress Report [2]

So it only took 10 days between updates this time. That’s very nearly down to one a week. Nearly.

The Progress Report

Last time, I had just finished book #23, Nudge, leaving me ~8 books behind ideal pace.

I’m pleased to say that just before sitting down to write this post, I finished book #26, bringing the deficit down to a mere ~5 books putting me at the half-way mark for the 52 target.

With any luck, I can nab a couple more weeks like this one, closing the deficit completely and maybe even getting ahead a bit. Maybe.

The Books

[>] Sandman Slim: I can not overstate how completely awesome this novel is. Richard Kadrey somehow manages to blend Batman, Spawn, Deadpool, and the Winchester boys into this crazy and magnificent supernatural anti-hero. And it’s just amazing.

William Gibson nails it perfectly in his cover blurb:

An addictively satisfying, deeply amusing, dirty-ass masterpiece… Sweet.

I can’t even begin to capture it any better than that.

[>] Redshirts: So here’s another confession — hopefully this isn’t going to be a trend with #2 books in these posts — this was my first Scalzi book. I’ve known who he was and been a huge fan of his blog for a long time, but never really sat down with any of his novels.

That might not have changed, had it not been for a big table full of autographed copies of Redshirts that caught my attention at a Joseph Beth, earlier this year. After wandering over and reading the prologue, I knew I had to buy this book. After seeing him live, when he introduced Neil Gaiman in Lexington, I knew I had to read it.

Redshirts is just great. It’s compelling, exciting, and totally hilarious. More importantly though, it’s completely self-aware. Given the somewhat silly nature of the story, it could have easily been a cringe-inducing mess. But Scalzi absolutely pulls it off, by simply acknowledging how silly it is and moving on. It’s brilliant and I can’t recommend it highly enough, to anyone.

[>] The Shining Girls: Wow, okay, this book is beyond amazing.

Last time, I mentioned how I regretted picking it up as an e-book because of how long it seems to take me to read them compared to dead-tree versions — I started this one back in June and just finished it around an hour ago. That regret has only intensified over the last two days as I finished the last ~50% of the book.

Beukes is a ridiculously talented writer and this book is a testament to that. Every little thing about this book is just amazing and impressive. The amount of detail and the perfect — seriously, perfect — pacing as she jumps between a number of diverse and fully developed characters and time periods, is just jaw-droppingingly delightful. I’m so glad at having picked this up (even if I made the mistake of doing so in digital form). And I’m really glad that it was the half-way book for my over all progress.

In The Works

[>] Kill the Dead: The Sequel to Sandman Slim, which I ordered less than half-way into to the first one — I already knew I was hooked.

I started reading Kill the Dead a few days ago, but with dad-duties being back into full-swing I’ve only been able to get in a little over 50 pages so far. But they’ve been 50 excellent pages.

Next Time

Right now, Kill the Dead is the only book that I’m actually currently reading. That probably won’t be true by the end of the day, as I picked up the last humble e-book bundle with a few things I really want to jump into — I’m looking at you, Boneshaker.

I’m actually leaving Thursday to attend a wedding and stay ~5 days in Las Vegas. The day after I get back, the boy has a scheduled check up. Two days after that, I’ve got an appointment to meet with a professor about a new research opportunity. So, if I don’t get the next Progress Report in by Wednesday, this might actually be the last one of the month.

Whenever the next one comes, hopefully the deficit will be down to, at least, just two books.


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