(Lack Of) Progress Report [4]

The Progress Report

When I last posted, far too long ago, I had just finished book #28. I wasn’t worried about being behind ~5 books on my goal. It turns out, I should have been. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Since that post, I’ve managed to complete a stunning… two books.

That brings me up to 30/52, which at this point in the year sets me ~11 books behind the target pace.

The Interruption

When I started the year out, and even when I was confident about a ~5 book deficit being no big deal, I didn’t fully appreciate the time demands of classes, volunteering as a research assistant, preparing for the GRE, and the random health issues of toddlers.

As my time and attention have become split among more and more demanding things, my ability/desire to sit down and read has dropped off dramatically.

Going Forward

At this point, I am officially admitting defeat. While I am currently still reading, I honestly can’t see that ~10 book deficit doing anything other than growing. There’s no way, I can see, of hitting 52 by the end of the year.

It’s not terrible though. I started this undertaking on something of a whim. It bothered me that I wasn’t doing more of something that I enjoy, and I thought this would be a great way to change that.

In that regard, it has been a huge success. Even if I won’t hit 52 books, I’ve already crossed 30. That’s ~25-28 more than I would have normally read.

With all the time constraints, and what not, there isn’t a huge need for public accountability as a motivator any longer. So, this will probably be my last progress report on this site. I’ll still be listing what I’m currently reading, and my progress with that, on Goodreads, but that’ll be about it.

Hopefully, around the end of December, there will be a final “In Closing” kind of summary. I expect I may have added at least 3 books by that time (I really hope that’s not being way to optimistic).


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